An excerpt from the Introduction to Get Lucky

Nine years ago, Pip Harry and I were sitting in a bar (or was it a café? No, definitely a bar) drinking cocktails and talking about our dating experiences. As you do. Stuff we couldn’t write about in our magazine work and (shock horror) wouldn’t want to. Stuff that was a bit, how can I put it, beyond the pale. Sexy stuff. Gross stuff. Embarrassing stuff. Stuff you want to write down because it’s so damn funny and unbelievable, but that no print editor in his or her right mind would publish in a million years. And that’s how the Reality Chick blog was born.

It was very pink, very honest and very much fronted by a superhero called ‘Reality Chick’ who spilled the beans about her dating life and offered up tough love advice to readers on the side. (For those who are a bit lost, we became Reality Chick, sort of. And she became, well, kind of us.) This was nine years ago, and blogging back then wasn’t as huge as it is now. We only had two stipulations: we would update twice a week (once each) and we would be anonymous.

We loved it. We loved writing it. And, both being single at the time, it was a really funny way to chronicle the bizarre blind dates and flings and random encounters we were having. We also loved the freedom we had to write about things that amused us and seemed to have some

traction via a piece of research or study (not sure where ‘pensioner porn’ came in, but it remains one of the most popular search terms sending people to Reality Chick). We loved the ability to make up words or swear like sailors if we fancied it. We loved being able to talk about orgasms and swinging and whether Brazilians hurt as much as people say they do. Bloody hell, do they ever.

Our friends often couldn’t tell who was writing what as we switched it up quite a bit. And inevitably, things changed. First, a Queensland journalist discovered the blog and outed us in a very cool interview. Our dating lives were changing, too. For my part, I’d met the guy I would marry and writing about my smoochy-woochy and what we had for dinner probably wouldn’t be as compelling to readers as some of my single shenanigans.

So we decided to make the advice column part of the blog more front and centre, in effect turning the focus on the letter writers and taking it off us a little bit. We spruced up the blog’s look, stepped out from behind the superhero and let people see the real us. Scary? You better believe it …

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    Rachel Smith

    Rachel Smith is a freelance journalist, copywriter and blogger with an interest in health, relationships, interiors and travel. She writes for Good Health, Woman’s Day, CLEO, Women’s Fitness, Inside Out, International Traveller and a range of online and corporate clients. Aside from advising the lovelorn at Reality Chick, she also runs Rachel’s List, a media recruitment website, and Letter To My Ex, Reality Chick’s sister site. She is co-author of Get Lucky with Pip Harry. Rachel lives in Sydney’s inner west with her husband and baby son.

    Pip Harry

    Pip Harry is a freelance lifestyle and entertainment journalist who has worked for Woman’s Day, New Idea, NW, Good Health and TV WEEK. Her debut YA novel I’ll Tell You Mine won the Australian Family Therapists Children’s Literature award in 2013. Her second YA novel, Head of the River, about competitive school rowing, was published in 2014. Pip lives on the northern beaches of Sydney with her family and a colony of Brush Turkeys. When not at a keyboard, she can be found searching for the perfect flat white, swimming in salt water or watching TV cooking or renovating shows.