The Death of a Ladies' Man


The Death of a Ladies' Man


C.S. Boag

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  • ePub
  • Jul 2013
  • 9781922057532
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When Mister Rainbow finds a headless honcho in a Kings Cross alleyway, the tattoo around the corpse’s neck leaves little doubt as to its identity. Thomas L. Tycho was everybody’s enemy – a trickster, a dirty dealer, and a wide boy who made the mistake of wide boys the world over – not making himself narrower when the gun went off.

The killer’s identity, however, proves more elusive – as everybody hated Tommy, anybody could have popped him. His wife, his girlfriend, and half of Sydney’s underworld all had motive, but Mister Rainbow smells something fishier than usual, and it’s got nothing to do with what’s floating in the harbour …

The Death of a Ladies’ Man, the second novel in the sensational Mister Rainbow series, is a modern story with a wink and a nod to the golden age of pulp fiction. With its memorable characters, witty dialogue and fast-paced plot, it signals the arrival of an arresting new Australian talent.

Praise for Mister Rainbow

The Case of the Cock Robin Killer is a fun and fast-paced read, with lots of twists and turns that will keep you chuckling and wondering who or what will happen next. A cross between classic film noir, Sin City, and John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces, the story is an absolute riot.’ Red City Review

‘The Mister Rainbow series, in all its glory, is a real little gem.’ Karen Chisholm, The Newtown Review of Books

‘Mister Rainbow is that rare creature – a PI with depth. Down at heel, shabby, inept – he’s a born loser, at his best when the odds are stacked against him. Somehow, in a taut contest, he wins.’ Barry Oakley, novelist and former literary editor of The Australian