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Beautiful Chaos


Beautiful Chaos


Adam Peacock

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  • ePub
  • Nov 2014
  • 9781921134463
  • 1mb

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In 2014, Brazil hosted world football’s greatest party. Fox Sports presenter Adam Peacock was there and for five unforgettable weeks experienced first-hand the sights and sounds of this unique and exhilarating country.

Beautiful Chaos tells the story of Australia’s journey through the eyes of the players and their coach. Gripping accounts of our matches are interspersed with harrowing tales of life in the Brazilian favelas and heart-warming stories of those who are helping kids escape the drug lords and a career in crime. In addition, there’s a unique take on watching Brazil with the football-obsessed locals, an in-depth look at Germany’s victorious campaign, and an insightful analysis of how Argentina stormed the cathedral of their great rivals on the back of their humble superstar, Leo Messi.

It’s a captivating account with intimate knowledge of the game and a revealing snapshot of how far Australia have come – and how far we have to go.