Founded in 2011, Xoum is an independent Australian publishing company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Xoum publishes approximately 15–20 non-fiction and fiction books a year by Australian and New Zealand authors under five imprints: Xoum, our general fiction, non-fiction and children’s list; Brio, our literary list; Seizure, our incubator for new talent; Fantastica, our sci fi and fantasy list; and, launching August 2017, XO Romance, our contemporary women’s fiction list. Our specialty areas include non-fiction with broad appeal (for example, true crime, history, popular science, biography, memoir and health & wellbeing) and fiction (for example, literary fiction, crime, romance, fantasy and sf).

Print editions of our books are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by NewSouth Books and internationally by Ingram. Our eBooks are available from xoum.com.au and are distributed internationally via AmazonGoogle, the iBookstoreKobo and other online retailers. 

Xoum acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of our land – Australia – and the Gadigal of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of this place we now call Sydney.


Where can I find information about new Xoum titles?

Info about our latest releases (as well as general news items) is displayed in the topmost sliding panels on our website homepage.

Who should I contact if I have problems with my purchase or download?

For all purchase and download problems, email rmorrison@xoum.com.au Please allow up to twenty-four hours for a reply.

As an author, why should I choose Xoum?

Xoum represents a brave and ambitious new publishing model – modern, adaptable and fair. In signing with Xoum, you enter a true partnership – we’ll combine our editorial, production and marketing expertise with your passion for your project to help it get into the hands of readers who will love it. As author, you have more control of your own brand and can help drive the success of your book. And our equitable contract featuring limited licence terms and market-leading digital royalties means you will earn more should your project do well.

My genre isn’t listed in the submission guidelines, does that mean you won’t consider it?

At the moment, Xoum is not publishing plays, film scripts, poetry, children's picture books or high-end academic titles. Our specialty areas include true crime, travel, history, popular science, health & wellbeing; literary fiction, crime, romance, fantasy and sf fiction; and children's narrative fiction.

Does Xoum publish books set in places outside Australia and New Zealand?

Yes. We don’t limit publications based on where the book is set and publish stories set all over the world, from America to Africa to Asia.

Does Xoum accept unagented submissions?


Does Xoum accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes. Feel free to submit a manuscript to us that is also under consideration at other publishers. We only ask that you let us know immediately if it’s contracted elsewhere, so we can advise our editors it’s no longer available.

Can I submit multiple manuscripts at one time?

Yes. You can submit more than one submission to Xoum. However, please don’t send more than one book at a time in a series.

Can I design my own cover?

As part of the publishing process, we design the cover for you. We ask our authors to complete a questionnaire in which they can make cover suggestions, and we then work with a talented group of designers to create covers that take your suggestions on board, have a distinct Xoum look and feel, and of course reflect the genre and tone of your book. All covers are reviewed by our marketing team and our editors before being sent to you for your thoughts. Our goal is to design a cover that you’ll be proud to promote and that will sell well.

Who should I address my submission to?

Submissions should be sent to submissions@xoum.com.au and can be addressed to Rod Morrison or Dear Editor.

Will my manuscript be properly edited?

Yes. All Xoum titles go through the same editorial development as with larger mainstream publishers.

Do I have to live in Australia or New Zealand to be published by Xoum?

Yes. At the moment Xoum is only accepting submissions from Australian and New Zealand authors. However, our science-fiction imprint, Fantastica, publishes the very best from around the world and accepts submissions from all countries.

What does the name Xoum mean?

Xoum (pronounced Zoom) is a combination of Xou Creative + Media. Xou Creative is our design services and custom publishing business which spawned a dedicated publishing division (Xoum) in 2011.